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On the importance of experiences in the experience economy Why the Experience is so important for companies and institutions

In both business and design, we are focusing increasingly on our users' experience, especially in the digital medium. What are the reasons for this development? This article traces this development and answers questions like: What is the economic value of experience? What is characteristic of experiences? Why are experiences so important, especially in the digital medium? And how can experience help us shape a future worth living?

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Growing corporate awareness for user experience UX Maturity: Humans in focus, success in sight

User experience (UX) is a key success factor in the design of digital products and services. However, companies and other organizations are at different stages with regards to aligning their business processes for positive UX. UX maturity models help to identify the current stage of organizations in terms of UX maturity. How can companies use these models to systematically create positive UX and turn it into business benefits?

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UX maturity Selected UX maturity models

UX maturity describes the extent to which an organization has implemented human-centered design in its processes. These processes, thus, create good conditions for a positive user experience. UX maturity models help to describe the current status of organizations on this path.

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Create positive experiences with digital products and services Guerrilla user experience (UX) design

Especially in the digital age, positive user experience is an important differentiation criterion for products and services. Therefore, this user experience (UX) should be considered from the very beginning of human-centered design. With the right ideas, even limited resources are no reason to give up on creating good user experiences. What possibilities does guerrilla-style UX design offer?

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Tag der Medienwissenschaft 2019 Freiheiten und Grenzen von Unterhaltung

Kurt Tucholsky antwortete 1919 auf die Frage „Was darf Satire?” mit „Alles“. Beim Tag der Medienwissenschaft beschäftigten wir uns 100 Jahre später noch einmal mit der Frage: Christian Karch referierte über Freiheiten und Grenzen von Unterhaltung. Außerdem verabschiedeten wir Professor Hans-Jürgen Bucher, der das Fach 1998 aufgebaut hat.

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