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Digitalisation & Media

20 years of media studies in Trier A field of study, close to the cutting edge of media

Tags: media studies, anniversary, Hans-Jürgen Bucher, Martin Loiperdinger, Anna Weilberg, Cristoffer Coutinho, Thomas Roth, Anja Weckmann, Joachim Blum, Sven Teuber, Silke Burmester, digitalization, University of Trier Last update: February 3, 2018

20 years of media studies in Trier: On the 27th of January 2018, media studies celebrated its history, with various contributions by students, a keynote by Silke Burmester focusing on "influencers and journalists", a panel discussion about attention in the media, and obviously reviews and outlooks with emotional tributes.

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Oliver Auster explains the digital change of the tabloid "Bild" Digital change in tabloid journalism

Tags: media studies, Oliver Auster, day of media studies, tabloid journalism, media change, digitalisation, Steffen Büffel, Fabienne Aßmann, Corinna Trierweiler Last update: February 1, 2018

Few developments are so important for media studies like the change of media, caused by the digitalisation for about 20 years. At the day of media science on the 5th of November 2016, two topics covered this aspect: Oliver Auster explained how his employer, the German tabloid "Bild", reacted to the challenge, and Corinna Trierweiler, Fabienne Aßmann, and Steffen Büffel spoke about the job chances of alumni of media studies.

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Stephan Schwingeler at the day of media studies Computer games as media art

Tags: computer games, Julian Ermert, Lisa Keimburg, medianetz, media art, media studies, Stephan Schwingeler, day of media studies Last update: November 9, 2015

"Computer games as media art": In this year, we invited Stephan Schwingeler, a pioneer in the field of game studies and himself alumni of media studies in Trier, to give a keynote at the day of media studies. Taking a media studies perspective, he talked about an area which we consider not often enough. How are computer games used in media art?

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