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Handbook for designers of digital and print media Mediengestaltung – Der Ausbildungsbegleiter

“Mediengestaltung – Der Ausbildungsbegleiter“ is an extensive and well-arranged book for media designers. Written in conjunction with Ralph Burkhardt, Jürgen Wolf, Carina Linnemann, and Michael Rohrlich, it treats the most important knowledge about designing digital and print media. It is currently only available in German.

Cover of the book Mediengestaltung
Mediengestaltung – Der Ausbildungsbegleiter

With the growing importance of media, media designers are required to know more and more. Today, they are pilots through the digital change, which also affects the print media. Therefore, they need extensive and fundamental knowledge of technologies, design, and media. “Mediengestaltung – Der Ausbildungsbegleiter” (only available in German) contains 40 chapters in seven parts, where I contributed the parts 4, 5, and 6 as well as the chapters on apps and ebooks:

  • Part 1 is about electronic image processing and explains the fundamentals of optics and digital photography as well as image editing.
  • Part 2 contains basic design principles, particularly regarding print media.
  • Part 3 covers prepress and printing.
  • Part 4 treats computer and communication technology like the most important hardware components of computers, Network technologies, Internet, security and encryption.
  • Part 5 explains web programming. The chapters cover client- and server-side web technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP), databases, data exchange formats (JSON, XML, RSS), content management systems, and hosting.
  • Part 6 is about web design and explains user experience, responsive web design, layout, and designing for the web.
  • Part 7 covers apps, ebooks, video and legal aspects.

In addition, the book provides access to bonus content in PDF files, numerous code examples to comprehend the technologies, and references to additional material. With its comprehensive, but compact nature, the book covers enough to allow readers to dig deeper on individual topics if they need to. It targets media designers, but can also serve as a reference book in enterprises and agencies that need a solid overview of designing digital and print media.